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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2012 9:01pm-9:31pm EST

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huge debt troubles are far from out of control. class destination on russia's mons broke the screen whose mission went astray by falling circling that last time it plunged into the ocean two months the treats launch but it's not here it's clear if it's landed in the pacific on the arctic ocean. this is our season where clever of you have learned welcome to the program the crisis in relations between iran and the west peaks again fueled by one stays assassination of a top nuclear scientist in teheran iran's officials blamed the murder on the two assamese row who want to stop its nuclear program meanwhile american and british warships are gathering in the persian gulf where iran threatens to block a crucial oil lane that some may depending or limbaugh aimed at forcing tehran to abandon its atomic ambitions in. the cold run of tension between iran and the west
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is simmering. it seems the slide is the increase of heat could make it boil over into an all out confrontation. where will be that boiling point the point of no return we're getting closer and closer to war with people on the iranians are playing with fire the problems in a crisis if you get were any small things that really set it off and it doesn't quell washington that the international nuclear watchdog these i'm sorry to closely monitoring iran's nuclear activities are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon no but we know that they're trying to develop a nuclear capability and that's what concerns us and our red line to iran is do not develop a nuclear weapon iran's main source of livelihood is oil export is in danger the u.s. is imposing fresh thank since that will dramatically complicate transactions through iran's. until bank iran is also close to losing europe as
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a customer the reason that this is happening is that this is the logical conclusion of our current strategy against iran we have sanctions in place with no diplomacy the only way that that and is through confrontation cornered by crippling sanctions iran's threatening to block the strait of hormuz a vital oil artery through which a sixth of the world's oil is shipped the u.s. replied by moving it sensibly to the region and saying if iran goes for it they will attack thousands of u.s. troops are being deployed to israel experts say the policy of isolating iran may lead to other threats from tehran moment and the possibility that one day they will go through with their threats but washington signals that it's ready or it wants everybody to believe that it's ready could way if we had to without using nuclear weapons ourselves take out their their nuclear capability well i certainly want them to believe that that's the case well is that if i absolutely want them to
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believe that that's the thing that secretary would you add anything to that some believe it's just a war of words and neither side will go for an all out conflict considering what it is that after it will be for the whole region frankly speaking this tension is artificial it doesn't have to happen it doesn't need to exist the iranians would do themselves an enormous favor by saying less. and we would do ourselves a favor by ignoring most of it all of this i was sadly i think is connected to israel and the israeli fear of iran for rhetorical reasons more than military iran might feel cornered and therefore make drastic moves right now it's in a war of words but one bullet shot and the powder keg can blow up the question is what's going to provide that deadly spark i'm going to check our reporting from washington our team. and coming up this hour analyse the cookbook of politics in kazakhstan. takes not to let things out an ear for the common people and season
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with the new fulfilled promises that's the lucid recipe for peace that kazakhstan is serving up in a region simmering with unrest. last it's a perfect recruitment ad for the tired been produced by and starring american troops see reaction to the shocking footage of u.s. marines urinating on that i get it. the syrian government has released about one hundred ninety prisoners under a journal i understand oust on sunday by president assad syrian officials say another batch of prisoners will be released monday once that papers are finalized the on the stick of its peaceful protesters those who carried on life and weapons and army defectors who turned themselves in before the end of the month the move comes in accordance with the arab league peace plan etc by the british meanwhile you unachieved by and can move has demanded that the syrian government halted cracking down on protesters with reports suggesting at least seventy people were killed last week. and to use call comes as cartels lead to military intervention
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using our special forces in syria if it's the only option the bloodshed the first arab leader to open the door such as step. middle east researcher. at the university says this however exposes qatari double standards. this is just really unbelievable to hear this especially considering that today. mir is actually in sri lanka another country whose government violently oppressed its people and there was no word not a peep from the international media from the international politicians and nor from the security council and so this is really problematic that sri lanka can get away with this kind of violence but you know when it comes to a country that is against western interests there is a different standard and of course we have to remember that the tar forces to to train. you know quell
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a demonstration they brutally repressed democratic protesters in bahrain with you know with the invitation from the. royal autocratic government there so this call for interference or intervention in syria really is ridiculous when one looks at the undemocratic past and present of these gulf countries and how and why they believe that they can use force to you know interfere in a country that's going you know suffering from a civil war really and from bouts of violence from its own citizens well you know who is who are the arab troops going to shoot at if they enter syria. and syria is a longtime ally turkey is among the increasingly vocal chord is calling for president assad to step down and that's lending it's a porsche the opposition and keeping its own troops at the ready near the border but as a notion of reports ankara might not be getting an accurate picture of what's happening
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in syria. with the bloody street just proving the syrian crisis mind. she is a growing violence when you start spreading beyond the country's borders especially with its close neighboring turkey once a close friend to now harsh critic of damascus. should be to listen to its people and. not to do so others sort of massacring its people we should listen to them. so glitter glue is a harsh critic himself but he's criticizing the turkish government and korea is on the side with the free syrian army and the syrian national council and military and diplomatic forces aimed at overthrowing the regime of bashar al assad it supports a buffer zone and a humanitarian corridor which some fear could bring turkish troops to syrian soil what does that mean according to international law it means aggression against
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a country it means war but any intervention would be different from the one in libya since russia and china have made it clear new war no fly zone resolutions which means the role of visual players like turkey increases dramatically but for new claims and korea's behavior is irresponsible and risky it has larger implications beyond the bilateral context of turkey syria as such the situation in syria must be handled with great care by all powers and unfortunately i don't see that cash sufficiently especially on the part of our government or hand works with a middle eastern studies center based in ampera it's sponsored by the turkish foreign ministry to how to shape policy and its opinion on syria it's clear syria is killing their own people. not always that's clear nobody has objectively
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information what is going on in syria the center specialists haven't been to syria for over a year it means the picture they paint for officials in ankara isn't likely to be an accurate one the technology changing you know when you look at the photographs or the videos coming from these governorates you can easily see that there is something going on with the sources of these redos are often questionable so it's easy to be misled and get a false picture of what's really happening but there does. it's to researchers from coming to firm conclusions military operations this is the last option which turkey does not want to see but this is an option it may have declared it doesn't welcome a military solution to the syrian crisis but turkey hasn't ruled it out either plain and if game if there is massive migration from its troubled neighbor turkey says it will have to protect its own people and marc fisher and currencies it wants peace and stability in the region its troops are already just kilometers from the
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border with syria. r.t. turkey. the year is trouble for survivor got that much more difficult this week after a major credit rating agency slashed the credit scores of nine in u. nations the downgrades handed out by standard and poor's come amid growing concern that the euro zone's failed to rein in its and runaway finances and debt france and austria were especially hard hit losing their prestigious aaa status that made them a safe haven for investors the reaction from even leaders those buried with some calling the move unjustified while others accepted the decision and called for urgent action conaway said cross the you are now waiting for monday were not it's our turn to gauge how much damage has been done and to laughlin from the institute for democracy and cooperation of parents believe the euro project has reached its end the downgrading of france but not of germany obviously means that the franco german axis is no longer
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a turn of all proposition what we see in the euros are those that there's only one country calling the shots not two and that's germany there's no doubt that it will strike a terrible blow for sarkozy is only real chance of winning the election was to show himself as a safe pair of hands as the devil you know in a crisis now it's clear that france has both a crisis and the devil you know i mean it's true that these agencies are not above reproach they've made a lot of mistakes in the past but i think that european leaders are being completely paranoid when they blame the ratings agencies for their problems any fool can see that there is a massive debt problem in europe and i think when the euro finally collapses as it will do surely within the i would think probably the next year we will see just a this announcement downgrading of france and as having been one of the decisive moments. and investment analyst patrick young says he believes the rating cats were
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well over two. it's been deserved frankly for several years i mean the french government has been economically incontinent for the course of several decades they've lived in never neverland they have no concept of how to run a reasonable economy in terms of not spending more money than they can afford it's a disaster for mr sarkozy but then again it's been coming since the start of his presidency it's been building for twenty five years and he did nothing about it so he's just as culpable as everybody else in this issue on the future of the euro everything is not up for grabs again it emotionally destabilizes every single aspect of the euro because we still have no leadership in the euro zone we've got situations like greece needing fourteen and a half billion euros to refund in march alone the euro cents on the precipice tragically i'm not a terrible thing for all our viewers throughout the world. the degree of russia's failed marshall space probe called for this current house for in fact that way it
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floundered remains unclear hell of a husband on the missional it has cost one hundred seventeen million dollars. it's emerged at the pier to be three theories as to where the red mints of phobics grow and eventually hit the earth now most of the probe burnt up in the atmosphere along with any of the toxic fuel it was carrying but around two hundred kilograms it's believed all of the modules made it through the earth's atmosphere now we heard initially from the russian military saying that that landed in the pacific ocean around one thousand two hundred fifty kilometers off the coast of chile we then heard from ross cosmos the russian space agency who said this well maybe it landed in the atlantic ocean over the other side of the south american continent now we've also heard from a ballistics expert putting forward a third theory which is that the remnants of they say this probe that came back down to earth could have spin spread over such
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a large area that it could have. actually hits both the atlantic and the pacific as well as parts of mainland brazil it was a huge leap and dissipated mission from the russian space agency it was supposed to go to the martian moon or phobias pick up soil samples bring them back to earth for analysis partially where it gets its name from food is good and basically meaning phobias soil in russian now that information that data that the scientists were craving could potentially they were saying of lead to developments towards a potential martian settlement a human settlement on the moon of course all that data gone though it was a hugely disappointing mission at the probe got into orbit and then pretty much stayed there no matter how much effort was made by ross cosmos as well as the european space agency to try and contact it and get it back on its way eventually crashing back down to earth on sunday evening this is r.c. and later this hour tainted by torture and now ten years old report on the lines to
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british citizens being held in guantanamo bay despite barack obama's election pledge to shut down and repeated calls from protesters for him to keep his word. and also look at how washington's latin america bogeyman has war to the hearts and homes of half a million people in the queue at. the world or shocks this week by an online video that showed american marines urinating on the dead bodies of taliban fighters to give us military identifies this soldiers in that clip and appointed a three star general to investigate but regional acts that say they've done that has already been done and it will be the last troops currently in afghanistan will pay the price. let's not forget that the americans came to understand with the explicit objective also off transforming this country into a more humane country into a democracy and what we're seeing happening right now with the appearance of this
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kind of a video is the opposite and it is having an impact let's not forget that this is a region where religious values are really very deep deeply entrenched and the way you treat bodies that you and the way you treated dead is something that is treated very secretly here and with this video you can you can rest assured that this will have an impact in terms of the kind of reaction the kind of backlash to this will generate this video will generate against the very the the american soldiers who are there right now in a lot of it really in danger is their life. and may now fear that that the jail encouragement all young muslims to join radical terrorist groups like they turn it down or al qaida and. afghanistan will that try to size that base latest scandal along with previous have he says is the perfect at vast mental recruiting terrorists just to remind people of a few incidents that occurred a while back there was the the burning of the koran that happened with you know it
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jerry jones and then there was the great incident and before then there was the decision to invade iraq that had nothing to do with nine eleven so all of these these situations pile on and they add up and what happens is al-qaeda and other terrorist organizations and then using this video and they put it in their recruiting videos the end up on you tube across the jihad of web channels and they end up reading anti-american sentiment this is the hugest recruitment for al qaida that we can do it's unfathomable how pathetic this is become because the war hasn't been brought to an end like obama said he was going to do and what we're seeing abu ghraib has happened twice now in afghanistan. but everyone in america is outraged by the would be filmed marines were doing as you can find out on our website after dot com a c.n.n. contributor praises the troops sanctions at school saying she would do the same in
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their position and also might. violent clashes spread across romania or china footage as a stereo anger and frustration with government boils over into the streets for a fourth consecutive day. polling booths across kazakhstan have now closed and millions of people cause their votes to choose the country's new parliament and those votes are now being counted the elections come a little less than a month after all workers staging a prolonged strike over poor pay well looked in fatal clashes with security forces that actions were set to take place in august but the president dissolved parliament last november and ordered an immediate vote and there is a poll so far sure that the ruling noura town party has about eighty one percent of the vote with its closest competitor coming in at seven percent and that party will now become the second political group to enter parliament on a boycott reports preempting violent unrest is a priority in kazakhstan having learned disturbing lessons from the arab spring. it
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wasn't for the snow in difference in temperatures stands capital of aston that could easily be mistaken for one of the gleaming c.d.'s of the golf a village just two decades ago it is now an oasis in the desert but its architecture having a distinct arabic flavor like many arab countries kazakhstan's primary sources of income are all in gas and it is that x. ray that allowed this country the luxury of building its new capital from scratch in fact kazakstan is now producing about as much oil as lead beer was churning out prior to its civil war and the similarities and here both kazakstan and libya have predominantly muslim populations both were considered still words of calm in their choice. and neighborhoods and both have experienced decades of rule by just one man in terms of style that fast notional time that is that is the exact opposite of erratic more market afy and of course he's still in power but the libyan scenario
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no longer seems improbable in kazakstan even to its leader some young people are fascinated with what's happening in the world right now in africa and europe but we have to explain to the new generation that blindly believes everything it's told that there are those who envy our well being the countries who are revolutions took place have gone back ten to fifteen years economically speaking the town of john knows and is rightfully called catholics tons of oil capital but it's no match for glistening asked. despite producing much of the country's hydrocarbons for decades it's been poor and neglected. the uprising in western kazakstan has smouldered since last spring but culminated in december in a weekend of clashes with police that left seventeen dead and more than one hundred injuries as the protest spread to other cities. jittery in the wake of the arab spring but it was because i stand as
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a semblance of democracy with several parties in parliament and some of position media but the essence of the regime is similar to those of the arab countries but the first thing the authorities did when their pricing began was to switch off the mobo networks and the internet connection before the people even demanded it out loud the castle has the riches decided to offer a political reforms the people are now going to the polls to elect a new parliament recent constitutional amendments guarantee they'll be more than one party that has been up until now the challenge now is to keep all the good things stability prosperity. and at the same time allow the society to evolve. meanwhile their. they were just have approved millions of dollars worth of programs to give the rest of cd a facelift and create new jobs but you need chase. the president's close associates appointed to oversee the turbulent region says in
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a few years and will make some cities in the gulf pale in comparison. come here in a few years and you won't recognize this city while the arab spring may have been sparked protests around the world it's also taught authorities valuable lessons on how to contain those rallies and like all rulers and those that are by would much rather learn from the mistakes of others especially if they come at a price paid by gadhafi on a boycott artsy kazakstan. this week the anniversary of the walls most controversial prison gone time of day was mauled by public protests on both sides of that can take demonstrators calling us president of drama to alter his election pledge and shut down the jail but critics say little chance of that happening because of the recently signed national defense authorization act showing a marketing allowing america to detain anyone it deems hostile and told us it will not a lawyer for several detainees in guantanamo believes that it's politics that about
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from closing the infamous jail as probably just. this is a political problem in a democracy when certain people are playing with fear the republican party is basically playing on fear to influence their constituents and in the face of that fear the obama administration hasn't had the courage to oppose it or the courage to get the job done other things like the economy have seen more important it's a shame it's a challenge in a democracy and we need to continue to fight to have this close it's a stain on the reputation the united states is a horrible place. chobits is the one leader that washington often portrays as an enemy but as it turns out venezuela's president may have the edge on his american counterpart because he's in a position to provide thousands of americans with the hazing oil they desperately need for free marina portnoy explains. winter morning in the south
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bronx new york city outdoors the temperature is near freezing indoors. seventy seven year old alice many otis is bundled up brewing a pot of coffee and raising the heat just enough good to take the chill out of the air the retired grandmother of seven lives alone on a fixed income and each winter as federal programs continue to be slashed the struggle to afford comfort gets harder. and waving i mean all they do was raise raise raise raise and i mean it's the same dollar you get and so how far can you push it one hundred gallons of oil one hundred fifty gallons of oil is about. right now about close to six hundred dollars however venezuela has been stepping in to make alice's life a bit easier by delivering one hundred gallons of free heating oil each winter she is a four year beneficiary of the citgo venezuela heating oil program which provides free
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heating oil to five hundred thousand more americans living in low income neighborhoods and shelters throughout the country president chavez often demonized by washington helped launch the program in two thousand and five following hurricanes katrina and rita all i know is that he was caught and he was calling to the people of the united states and i'm sure he he he ruled differently like obama wrong does differently and the whole we used to tell these people how they should live or how i mean are they good invading our country with their not being generous to give us what comes out of their earth at no charge so could you really have ill feelings against them. i'm thankful for it. i really am in an interview with the venezuelan newspaper el universal americas leader fell short of expressing similar sentiments of gratitude president obama recently accused the
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chavez government were strict ing human rights and taking threatening steps. democratic values the venezuelan leader didn't mince words walter spondon directly to his u.s. counterpart you know what obama i feel sorry for you just asked the black communities in your country what you mean to them you're the greatest disappointment of recent years and go ask the poor people of your country you're a great disappointment to them it's time that we stop minding everybody else's business and took care of business here we have children that are graduating from college with eighty ninety one hundred thousand dollars that they have to pay back it's to p.v. it's naming them just that and they can't get a job a struggle getting that much harder in the land of opportunity arena portnoy r.t. new york. under next in the program our interview with american academic jean
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sharpe whose book is described by some as a landmark work on nonviolent revolution that's just after the headlines here not. this is claude. allen sing on the edge of past
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and present and. mixing reality as nothingness. but if you enter this time. the mystery of supernatural will reach you. shana know siberia on our t.v. .
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welcome back this is our she and this is the week's main news tehran claims the us any israel will both behind the assassination want to rein in nuclear scientists in the city in an effort to block the country's atomic program adding further to mounting tension between america and the islamic republic. syria's president assad releases the first political prisoners held during ten months and rest a while international pressure intensifies with the u.n. secretary general calling for violence to end. my heart all's.


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